New Berlin Historical Society

On December 7th, 2015, about 30 board of directors and guests met at Peachtree Restaurant in New Berlin for an enjoyable social gathering and "dutch treat" dinner. We celebrated another successful year of progress in making history accessible to our community. The society's board is supported by many other volunteers who help at Open House events and assist with other projects, all of whom were invited to participate.

A highlight of the evening was the special cards hand made by Carol Gorichanaz and given to those attending. Each card was unique, depicting a holiday custom from the "old" country from which the recipient's ancestors came. Everyone was so pleased and appreciative of the artistry and effort Carol exercises on our behalf.

We were also entertained by Jack be Nimble, who must also be a quick change artist, as she was seen only recently as Mrs. Santa! I did not catch her jumping over the candlestick however. June also oversaw the drawing for the many table decorations. Carol's talents were evident here as well.

We thank Rhoda Flagg and her committee for making arrangements, acquiring the cake, and sending out the invitations for this event.

Pictures taken at the event are shown below. I know I missed some individuals; my apologies.


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